Monday, June 22, 2009


This is my family on Halloween of 2008!

Halloween of 2008!

This is a picture of me my sister and my brother, on Halloween of 2008!


This is my uncle Travis my aunt Ashlee and my mom Brandi

My awesome family!

This is my little sister Jade on Halloween of 2008,
she was a beautiful Princess!
This is my little brother playing the drums,
he is really good for a five year old!

Meet my family!

This is my aunt Ashlee my Grandma Connie and my wonderful mom Brandi!

This is my brother Jaxon!

This would be my little cute sister Jade, my wonderful mom Brandi and
my new step dad Seth!

This is my little brother and sister Jaxon and Jade on Halloween of 2008!

Paris - Someday !